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Walk4Water 2017

On Friday 24th March, the children from Years 6 and 7 at Soto were joined by the Year 7s from La Moraleja to take part in a sponsored Walk4Water.
Following an informative assembly with Izabella Hearn on Nyumbani Village, Kenya, the students walked a little more than 6km, carrying 4 litres (Year 6)/ 5 litres (Year 7) of water – as many children in developing countries do every day.
Flurries of snow did not deter the walkers as they were lead through the countryside; they were determined to walk and raise money to fund the Nyumbani water project. Chattering and laughter could be heard along the way, as well as some serious conversations about the implications of water scarcity in some countries. At the end of the walk, there was a picnic lunch and a friendly football match between the Year 6s and 7s.
The Village of Nyumbani was created in 2004 and King’s College has supported it from the start. There are over 1,000 orphans living in the village being cared for by 100 ‘grandparents’. Izabella said, “Any funding for water is like "a gift from Heaven!" The village is in a very arid area and we need to grow enough food to feed the children. So, as well as for drinking purposes, we have huge needs for water in order to provide food.”
Over the last 2 years, the children in Years 6 and 7 have raised nearly 9000 Euros from their Walk4Water which has gone towards building a well in the Village of Nyumbani, providing safer access to drinking water and better sanitation. How much will we raise this year?

Primary King´s Cup 2017

Last week a group of 14 Year 6 students took part in the annual Primary Kings Games down in Murcia. Having won the title comfortably last year we went into this year’s competition as clear favourites to regain the prestigious trophy!
After a 5 hour journey we finally arrived at Hotel Neptuno. Unpacking and settling into our rooms was the first task, but then the group spent a few hours on the beach, playing games, building sand castles, paddling and getting to know the students from La Moraleja. We then had dinner and a walk before a team meeting in preparation for the upcoming two days of competition.
Thursday morning, and the team got up early for room inspections and a big breakfast. The morning consisted of our Athletics tournament against the other three Spanish Kings schools. It was an impressive morning on the track and in the field with Soto just coming out on top – leading the way, just ahead of La Moraleja by a mere 20 points. A brief lunch in the sunshine and we were into the pool for the afternoons Swimming competition. Some more wonderful performances in the pool enabled Soto to edge ahead slightly further by 6 points.  However, overnight the result was still too close to call with it all to play for on the football pitch the next day!
After a hugely busy day of competition we headed back to the beach for a well-deserved ice cream and some rest. Post dinner we headed for the local bowling alley for our yearly ´friendly´ bowling competition. I´m afraid to admit that this year, the much sought after bowling title went to La Moraleja - just. However, we all went to bed thinking about one thing only - the final day of competition in the morning.
Friday we packed up, ate another huge breakfast and headed for Kings College Murcia for the football tournament.  It was a high standard of football, with our boys team racing into the lead in their group. The girls found it slightly tougher going but showed real character and skill to produce a brilliant 2-0 win over Alicante. With the two Madrid schools still neck and neck, the title was to be decided in the final match of the tournament. With only a point required for Soto and a win required for La Moraleja there were plenty of nerves around on the pitch as well as the sideline!
Thankfully the game ended goalless which led once again to the students from Soto being crowned champions of the Kings Primary Cup for a second year in a row.
An absolutely brilliant three day trip with students excelling in athletics, swimming and football. The students were a credit to the school, behaving brilliantly, competing amazingly and always with a smile on their face.  Well done to everyone involved.

Nursery Stars In The Making

Wow what great actors, actresses, singers and performers we have in our Nursery. This week parents came to watch the children in the Busy Bee, Butterfly and Dolphin classes in each of their shows. The children were amazing each in their own way. Every single child was up on the stage which in itself  is a huge achievement for any three or four year old child let alone performing in English too. It was a pleasure to watch the children wave to the audience as they picked out familiar faces and their enjoyment was clear to see. Some parents even joined in the singing and the dancing. Congratulations to all our Nursery children you did a fantastic job. We are all very proud of you and look forward to seeing more from the stars of the future.

Pancake Day in Reception

On Tuesday we had a very exciting day in Reception because we celebrated Pancake Day. The children were very excited and all of them were very keen to volunteer to help cook of course we had to be careful because the frying pan was hot. We washed our hands before starting and then used a recipe to check we had the correct ingredients. We weighed out the ingredients using scales and our knowledge of numbers. Then we mixed the it all up comparing the liquids and solids. Once we had made the pancakes we learnt how to toss them using a frying pan. It took some practise to get it right. In the afternoon all three Reception classes particpated in a pancake race. It was great fun and we finished the day by eating the pancakes we had made. Everybody went home with a smile on their faces.

World Read Aloud Day

On February 16th, Year 5 and Year 6 celebrated World Read Aloud Day, a great initiative which motivates children, teenagers, and adults worldwide to celebrate the power of words and creates a community of readers taking action to show the world that the right to literacy belongs to all people! World Read Aloud Day is celebrated by millions of people in more than 100 countries.
The children came to school with their childhood favourites and spent the day sharing these books. A highlight of the day was when the older children took their stories and props (teddies, objects and puppets) to read to the younger ones. As you will see from the pictures this was a great success – the children were totally engaged in the stories and it was an absolute pleasure to witness the childrens’ interaction.
This was also the beginning of Year 5’s Sponsored Read Aloud Event – a four day event aimed to inspire young readers, whilst they raise money for one of the school charities: Juegaterapia.

Safer Internet Day 2017


Be the change - unite for a better internet! This was the tagline behind this year´s Safer Internet Day ( As always, we did a huge celebration of this day in Primary from EYFS through to Year 6. All the year groups had a range of fun and current activities to complete in the day, with their class teachers. Then, at the end of the day, I did a special assembly for the whole of the juniors. I covered all the fundamentals of internet safety in my assembly. However, I also looked at raising awareness of how much screen time children have out of school. There is more to life than be sat in front of a screen at the weekends! The children certainly agreed. One class, even brought in a range of creative things that they had done at home with their parents, the evening after the assembly. I also did an assembly for KS1 on the Thursday, with a similar focus. A very positive experience all round.

Safer Internet Day compliments the many lessons that the children have throughout the year on this hugely important subject.

Mr. L Tamblyn (Primary eLearning Coordinator) 



Princesses and Knights Theme day

Year 1 have been learning about Castles. To celebrate the end of this Topic we had a theme day and dressed as someone that may have lived in a Castle. We made crowns, shields, had a parade and even had a banquet lunch!

Year 1 trip to Manzanares Castle

Year 1’s had a very enjoyable trip to Manzanares Castle. We had a chance to follow a trail to find all the things that we have been learning about in class and practise the new vocabulary we have learnt. We saw many things including armour, the arrow slits, ramparts, the bailey, towers, flags and the battlements. The children loved walking down the long spiral staircase! It was a bit windy but we were very lucky to see the sun all day.

KS1 Science Show

In KS1 we had an exciting visit from ‘Fun Science’ in the form of a Science Show on Thursday 26th January. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves learning about air pressure and chemical reactions. We took part in an imaginary journey to an island where a wizard lived! The Scientist needed help to solve a mystery using Science. We all had fun and learnt a lot!

Year 6 WW2 Evacuation Day


On May 25th, Year 6 students took a trip back in time to the 1940’s; to experience what life would have been like as an evacuee during the tragic Second World War. The children brought their hand-made gas mask boxes to school, alongside their suitcases, which were packed with all essentials –clothes, toothpaste, cuddly toys, a snack for the train journey and even some surprise, emotional letters from parents.

To begin the day, the evacuees waved a tearful goodbye to their families, and set off on the journey to Cornwall. After boarding the steam-train (classrooms with rows of tables) the pupils opened their suitcases and explained why they had brought each of their belongings. They then played a typical old fashioned game called ´Beetle´ with their new found friends. Once the journey had ended, the children gathered in the movement room, ready to be interviewed by potential foster parents; they were asked questions like ¨How strong are you?¨or ¨Can you milk a cow?¨.  After being selected one by one, they went along with their new families to write a letter home describing how they felt on their first day away from home.

Well done to all the students and teachers who did a wonderful job at keeping in character role throughout the day. The children had a great experience, and most importantly gained an insight into how difficult life was to be an evacuee child during the War.

Year 6 Transition Day 1


The children came back buzzing from the experience in the Seniors from the Transition Day. They could be heard sharing stories about the different lessons that they had. From PE to French, they had 7 different lessons with as many teachers. A small taste of what life will be like everyday in September.

Here is a quote from one of the pupils:

We had a Physics lesson with Mr Jordan. The truth is, we all enjoyed the activities and the challenges that we were given. We couldn’t stop gazing around the laboratory in awe!

We had to solve and prove it. Our first mission complete, we moved on to a new experiment. The second experiment was based on magnets. Testing different things, we answered the questions that appeared on a sheet. Once that was done, a challenge was set up. Using the equipment provided, we had to manage the impossible: Make a paperclip float. Using our magnetic knowledge – we did it!  

Valeria – Year 6

Goodbye Year 6

On Friday, Year 6 enjoyed their Graduation ceremony. This moment marks a key point for Year 6 as they begin their journey from the Primary school and into the Secondary School. The ceremony was World War Two themed to reflect their recent class topic and they entertained their audience with songs from the era. Jokes, memories, stories, poems and writing all played a part in creating a wonderful afternoon of entertainment and reflection. All Year 6 pupils also received a book as a reminder of their time in Primary. We hope it will bring you much pleasure in the years to come.

Thank you Year 6 and we wish you every luck in Year 7!

Year 6 Trip to Cullera

Year 6s set off on Sunday morning to Cullera, Valencia, and the early start was worth it.  We were greeted by glorious sunshine and a beautiful beach.  We got to know our monitors quickly and found out they were absolutely amazing and had more energy than us at times, making sure we had fun every second of the day. We went on various trips that included a day out to Terra Mitica, with some of us braving the highest and fastest rollercoasters, and a boat trip around the Albufera Natural Park , taking in the beauty of our surroundings. Another day saw us at BioParc, this is no regular park but a place where we learned about Africa and saw the different animals which come from various areas on the continent. The rest of the time was spent either jumping waves or perfecting our swimming skills in the beautiful clear waters that Cullera is lucky to have or spending time together, forming new friendships,  and joining in with the many games and activities that were prepared for us.  It was a great week and we all came back tired but tanned.

May Fair

This year’s May Fair is to be hosted at King’s College, Soto de Viñuelas on Saturday 27th May. Come along for the fun, food, activities and events which will be going on all afternoon (13:00 – 17:00). Raffle Donations Help Needed: This year we are also looking for raffle prize donations and we would love it…


SWIMMING TEAMS (Alevines & Benjamines)

Last Saturday, 11th March, King’s College Benjamín, Alevín, Infantil girls and boys swimming teams participate don the 37th Edition of Municipal Sports Games of Comunidad de Madrid, in C.D.M. Puente de Vallecas. On the first day, students from King’s College had a magnificent performance. Many of the swimmers were first place in their respective series.…


Gymnastics (Primary)


Carla H won the gold medal in the Rhythmic Gymnastics in her first appearance representing school, this was a superb achievement and our second medal in the clubs second competition. Alejandra Z and Candela G came a fantastic 8th and 10th place respectively.

Year 4 Love Ancient Egypt!

Year 4 have been celebrating all things Egyptian in several fun-filled Egyptian days! We had a great time learning coordinates through Egyptian tomb painting and trialed our problem solving strategies by building 3D pyramids. We investigated the Afterlife by mummifying a teacher; designing, sculpting and painting our very own death masks and creating some disgusting…