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Visit from Former Vice President of the European Parliament

Don Miguel Angel Martinez, Former Vice President of the European Parliament, spoke to Year 12 and 10 students on the 25th of April. Sr Martinez’s special responsibility in the EU was multilingualism, very appropriate for a man who speaks Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, German, French and Arabic, and has honorary doctorates from the universities of Cambridge, Berlin, Moscow and Aberdeen.

He took searching questions from the pupils on the possible Brexit, immigration, the refugee crisis, international conflicts, equality, the importance of languages, the EU’s role in the world and global development, and talked of his meetings with the queen, whom he greatly admires. Mr Rattue and the teachers of Economics were in attendance and thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between such a distinguished international figure and the students.

Everyone was greatly impressed by his sincerity, fluidity and humour as well as his insights into the impact of Cervantes and Shakespeare on world culture beyond Spain.

The event was made possible by Luis S. in Year 12, whose family are lifelong friends of D Miguel Angel.

Representing “Don Quijote” (Year 8)

This year is the 4th century of the death of Miguel de Cervantes, the author of Don Quijote de la Mancha. For that reason, our Yr. 8 G classmates prepared a production of the windmills chapter, done in Lengua with their teacher, Rebeca Pintos. The video, filmed by the Yr. 8 student Benjamin Orford, is going to participate in the EDELVIVES “Mi Quijote” competition. After many days of work, rehearsals and making costumes, the video was filmed last Wednesday the 4th of May. We wish them lots of luck!

Congratulations Yuan!


Yuan D.  (Year 11).

Huge congratulations to our very own Yuan, a Tenbury House boarder who has come second place in the Concurso de Primavera de Matemáticas, 2016. It’s a competition run by the prestigious, “Universidad Complutense de Madrid” and it’s a great win for Yuan who competed against 50,000 other students.

Yuan also came 81st in the recent Global Maths Challenge for which he received a Gold certificate!

Battle of Hastings (1066)


In our History lesson on 12th April we were asked to create two items of weaponry or armour that either the Norman or Saxon armies in 1066 would have had.  The next lesson we went outside and recreated the battle of Hastings ourselves. It was fun seeing the various pieces of armour or swords that everybody brought.  We learnt step-by-step how the battle happened and the tactics used by each army, such as the Saxon shield wall on Senlac Hill and the turning point in the battle when William had to show his army he was alive and stop them from retreating.  It was different and exciting to go outside and reenact the battle. Mr. Whybro explained everything in a very clear manner so that everyone understood what had happened.

Antonio H K and Dario V A

Duke of Edinburgh – Bronze Team in Gredos


Duke of Edinburgh – Bronze

On April 16th (Saturday) we left to Gredos on our practice adventurous journey and arrived on the 18th (on Monday).
During our practise expedition we had the opportunity to learn more about the  wider environment, develop our skills (eg navigation skills) and find our way in an unfamiliar environment using the bearings we previously had calculated and some directions which we were given. In my opinion this was probably the most challenging thing we had to do because you could very easily go the wrong way. In fact, at one point our team did get momentarily lost at, but managed to find our way back to the route quite quickly. At the campsite we put up the tents, “cooked”, and had lots of fun!
Overall it was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to go again in June.

Beatriz S – Year 10

May Fair

This year’s May Fair is to be hosted at King’s College, Soto de Viñuelas on Saturday 27th May. Come along for the fun, food, activities and events which will be going on all afternoon (13:00 – 17:00). Raffle Donations Help Needed: This year we are also looking for raffle prize donations and we would love it…


National Archaeological Museum on 9th March (by Malena Bertrand Y9G)

On Thursday the 9th of March, the Stretch and Challenge group had the privilege of visiting the “Different Trains” installation, and the National Archaeological Museum,. We first visited the “Different Trains” installation, which is a video directed by Beatriz Caravaggio, which explores the differents utilities of trains from personal journeys to deportations. The inspiration for…


King’s Talks

On Thursday 6th March 5 Year 13 students took part in the first King’s Talk of the year. All five students prepared presentations on the topic of Equality and Progress. Within this topic there was a very broad range of subjects covered including Aida talking about her patent for a blade to be used for…


Comunidad de Madrid U16 Rugby Team

Guillermo Shackleton was  part of the Comunidad de Madrid U16 rugby team that was victorious over Catalonia in the Spanish regions final held in Valencia on the weekend of February 11th/12th. Madrid won 32-12. The  photo shows Guillermo with other Alcobendas Rugby club  members that represented the Comunidad de Madrid team.

Model United Nations Conference in Bilbao

On Thursday 26th January 2017, thirty-two of King´s College´s most skilled debaters made the journey north to Bilbao to participate in Ayalde School´s inaugural Model United Nations conference.  These events are designed to emulate the world´s real United Nations meetings, and therefore provide pupils with an opportunity to research and debate key world issues from…


Cross Country

King’s College regained the trophy as winners of the senior Cross Country Championship on a windy morning in Alcobendas. A great team performance in the secondary school meant that our win was comfortable and a number of students finished in strong top ten performances. In fields of up to sixty runners we had three gold…