King's Soto Lockdown Anthology

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These are unprecedented times that deserve documenting.

The King’s Soto Anthology is an opportunity for our community to connect and share our creativity during this period of uncertainty. We have all had to change habits as well as adopt new ones and it’s at times like these when humanity’s creative and reflective sides flourish.

Join us as we celebrate and share our thoughts, feelings and creations. 

Issue ONE: Lockdown Anthology

Welcome to the first issue of the King’s Lockdown Anthology, which is full of creative endevours from our school community!

We received over 40 submissions for this first issue and so entries will be split across a number of issues – please do keep submitting!

“Coronavirus” by Elsa, Year 6

“Macbeth” by Sanya, Year 6

“Love The Way You Lie” by Qinya, Year 8

Issue TWO: Lockdown Anthology

Welcome to the second issue of the King’s Lockdown Anthology, which is full of creative endeavours from our school community!

Photography, drawings and illustrations make up the majority of this second issue, with beautiful and poignant poetry and non-fiction submissions, too.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this second issue. It has been delightful as well as eye-opening to read, watch and engage with your creativity.

Issue Two:

“Reacción en Cadena” by Alec, Year 5

“Lego Technic” by Tomás, Year 7

“Count on me” by Qinya, Year 8