Tenbury House

(International Boarding School in Madrid)

Our international purpose-built boarding school in Madrid, offers some of the best boarding accommodation in Europe. The new boarding house called Tenbury House opened in September 2011 is home to over 44 students from all over the world. The International Boarding School offers a “home away from home” environment.

At Tenbury Boarding House pupils are allocated in en-suite bedrooms with heating and AC, with wireless Internet. In addition there is a dining room, a common room, a TV room, a study room, a kitchen that pupils can use to make light meals and a laundry room. During the evenings and weekends, the students in Tenbury House have full access to these facilities and can also take advantage of many of the school’s sports facilities available.

Tenbury House has boys’ accommodation on one floor and girls’ on the other. Most students will share a room with others of a similar age. Each floor is also the home to Boarding staff and their families.

Students may bring their own laptops, fridges and stereo equipment for their room; we do expect that they will have a mobile telephone.




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Important Information:


  • There are always two or more members of Boarding staff on duty on the premises and one on call. The staff have chosen to live in Tenbury House and are entirely committed to the whole education that a boarding school can offer.
  • All staff work collaboratively with the students to create a strong and supportive family unit in which every member knows they are cared for and cared about. As well as giving their time to the students in the house, they give their advice and help during the daily ‘prep’ and they share their interests and local knowledge during the weekends by organising trips and outings; some taking advantage of what is on in Tres Cantos or Madrid, and others on extended day or overnight excursions to the mountains and countryside located close by.
  • Any students wishing to make independent travel and weekend arrangements must do so in advance with a supporting email form their parents to the Head of Boarding.
  • Travel arrangements to and from school at the beginning and end of term remain the responsibility of parents, as do arrangements for any necessary student Type D visas or Student Pass. The school will arrange for boarders to be met by senior members of the house when they first arrive at the airport or main Madrid stations, and at the end of term will ensure that they board their various trains and flights.
  • Our international boarding school will arrange for boarders to be met by senior members of Tenbury House when they first arrive at Madrid airport. At the end of term we ensure that they get to the airport or station in plenty of time for their journey home.


Quotes from past and present Boarders:

What does living in Tenbury House mean to our Boarders?

“… that there is no such thing as nationality, and even if there were Tenbury House would have its own.”

” … having another home. It is sometimes really hard but because you have so many friends around you, you feel happy. You miss your home but you know that when you go home you will miss Tenbury House just as much.”

“… getting to know people from other countries and being able to share your home with all of them.”

“… sharing feelings, fun, good times and bad times, having lots of friends all of the time, keeping secrets and promises all together, and living in a “BIG family”.

” … a lot to every one of us. You are living away from home and without your parents. However there are many people, new friends and teachers, there to help you get through it. Friends and teachers support you in education and social life.”


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