Independent Entries

Students can take an exam in a subject which is not part of the normal school curriculum. Exceptions to this may be made at the discretion of the Exams Officer. Please complete the form and return it to the Academic Office (A1A). The deadline for independent entries is Friday 11th January 2019.

External Examinations

Summer 2019 provisional timetable for IGCSE/GCSE is available to see here.

Summer 2019 provisional timetable for AS/A Level is available to see here.

Summer 2019 IGCSE/GCSE/A Level Oral Exam timetable is available to see here.

Internal Examinations

Throughout the academic year, the school will be running internal examinations for Years 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13.

The exams will take place on the following dates:

Year 10 Internal Examinations: Thursday 7th February 2019 – Thursday 14th February 2019
Year 10 Timetable
Year 13 Mock Examinations: Monday 11th February 2019 – Friday 22nd February 2019 (The timetable will be published on Friday 18th January 2019)
Year 13 Timetable
Year 9 & 10 Summer Internal Examinations: Monday 27th May 2019 – Friday 31st May 2019
Year 12 Summer Internal Examinations: Monday 3rd June 2019 – Friday 15th June 2019


June 2018 and Earlier Certificates

Certificates from June 2018 were handed out in November to current students during form time. Certificates are being held in the Academic Office (A1A).

If a student is unable to collect their own certificate(s), they must give written consent for someone else to collect them on their behalf. You will be required to show us this written consent on the day of collection. If you do not have this, we will not be able to issue the certificates.

Some certificates are still be available in the Academic Office (A1A), however, we will normally only retain certificates for one year.*

*In accordance with the Joint council for Qualifications (JCQ) guidelines we are only required to keep exam certificates for one year. If we no longer have your certificate, you will have to contact the exam board directly to order replacements. Please contact us if you need any assistance with this process.

Private Candidates

King’s College Madrid will no longer be accepting entries from private candidates.


A full price list for internal and external candidates can be found: here


If you have any questions or queries please contact or

Our telephone number is +34 918 034 800.