DSC_0089King’s College celebrates its May Fair in Soto de Viñuelas each year on the last Saturday in May. This will involve all three of the Madrid schools coming together to collaborate in one event to raise money for charity. All families and friends of the school are invited to come along. This is a family day for children, parents and teachers alike, and has been a popular Kings College event since the school was founded.

The May Fair is a very traditional English event that is celebrated in schools and communities around England. The Kings College May Fayre follows this English custom. There is always a wonderful selection of food stalls, BBQs, ice cream and drinks and lots of games and events for the children.

Bookworld España visits the Fair with a wide selection of English books for children and adults. Some of the children from school perform some dances, and there is the chance for everyone to enjoy and experience many aspects of the school community.

A large part of the May Fair has always been the raffle, where parents generously provide prizes personally or through their business or company. All money raised is given to four of our ongoing charities that we support for their work: Amigos de Nyumbani, Fundación Juegaterapia, Bomberos Ayuden and APAMA.

Proceeds from May Fair reached 22,451€ in 2016.

Paula Parkinson, Head of Primary in Soto de Viñuelas and May Fair coordinator adds: 

“I feel especially grateful and satisfied with the high attendance and the participation from students, parents and staff; and for the good results attained this May Fair, thanks to the solidarity from the attendants. We’ve contributed to make this world a better place.”

More about our Charities:

Amigos de Nyumbani

Nyumbani was founded in 1992 as a hospice caring for the children affected by the HIV pandemic. Originally there were 3 little children, all destined to die on the streets of Nairobi.

Today we have an orphanage in Nairobi, which cares for 120 children, all HIV + and all orphaned and abandoned by extended families, often due to extreme poverty as well as the stigma of AIDS. Today our children lead normal productive lives and with the hope of a future, something that they could not even dream of in previous times.

As well as the orphanage we care for over 3,000 HIV affected children and their families in the deprived areas around Nairobi. We have eight clinics where families can come for medicines and support. This project is called Lea Toto, which means “to raise a child” in Kiswahili.

Probably the most exciting aspect of Nyumbani is NYUMBANI VILLAGE. This is a purpose- built village providing a dignified for some of the most desperate victims of the AIDS pandemic. The village is situated about three hours drive from Nairobi in a very arid area where poverty is rife.  Since 2006 the village has grown to full capacity, that is, we now have 1,000 orphans being cared for in “family” homes by a grandparent, who may or not be a relation. Thus we blend two bereaved generations. The village has a primary school, a clinic, a farm, a secondary school and a “polytechnic” where our older children can receive vocational training in areas such as carpentry and tailoring. Please see the short video for more details.  Our hope and aim is that by 2019 the village will be self- sufficient. Each house has a small plot of land where the families can grow their own food, and our grandparents produce beautiful baskets which we then sell [at King’s College events for example!]

So as you see we have a really amazing program which is both time-consuming and expensive to run. The wonderful news is that our children are no longer dying in the tragic numbers of the early years. This however means that we have now a large number of teenagers and “graduates” who are looking for a productive future … and hopefully an education which will make this possible. Tertiary education [and secondary, which is all private in Kenya] is a huge expense, and then of course there is the cost of medication as well as adequate nutrition.

Nyumbani is run by Kenyans for Kenyans… the exception is our wonderful CEO and co-founder, Sister Mary Owens, who comes from Ireland.  There are various international boards [USA, UK, Ireland, Italy and Spain] that are involved with the project, mostly active in the area of fundraising and raising awareness of the needs of Nyumbani.

The following link to a short video will highlight the main points of the project but each of our boards also has a website with more information.


“Probably the greatest achievement this year, for us in Spain, has been setting up the collaboration with Energía Sin Fronteras.  We now have over 200 solar panels in the village, and this is making a huge difference. The contribution made by King’s College is very greatly appreciated. Over the years the donations from King’s College have helped with education and medicines as well as specific projects such as helping with the acquisition of a bus for the village.

Thank you to all the Kings College schools, the staff and the parents and the children, for all the hard work and effort that goes into each event. I feel very honoured to be part of Nyumbani and part of King’s College too!”

Izabella Hearn


Bomberos Ayudan

They are a new association from Madrid which not only perform a great service as firemen, but also help the less fortunate families and individuals who have been majorly affected by the economic crisis in the capital of Spain, Madrid,although they aim to expand in the future, they help by collecting food and other basic necessities. we look forward to start collaborating with them.

For further information:



Fundación Juegaterapaia

The Fundación Juegaterapia helps children suffering from cancer through play. We collect video consoles which people no longer have a use for and distribute them throughout the pediatric oncology rooms of many Spanish hospitals. This means that the children can fill their chemotherapy programs with amusement and play, and hopefully forget about their illness. We have also circulated consoles to hospitals in Portugal, Morocco, El Salvador and Afghanistan.

My hospital garden
Juegaterapia have also started a revolutionary initiative in Spain: our aim is to create gardens on the roofs of the hospitals. We renovate the unused decks and convert them into gardens where the admitted children have the opportunity to play in the fresh air in a green and playful environment, just like any other child. The first garden is located on the roof of the Children’s Hospital at “Hospital La Paz de Madrid” and the second, at “Hospital 12 de Ocutbre de Madrid” will be opened in a couple of months.

Find more information at:

This video explains, in detail, who we are and what we do. It was taken at the TEDx conference in which Monica Esteban, President of Juegaterapia and Pablo Ibañez, collaborating actor from the famous TV show “El Hormiguero” and honorary president of Juegaterapia, took part in 2 years ago.


A Parents’ association for disabled children in Alcobendas.