Early Years


The school offers a Pre-Nursery Unit specifically designed for children from the age of 20 months to 3 years.

  • Within this group, your child will be well cared for as he or she enjoys the experience of learning in English and becoming bilingual.
  • Our main aim is to ensure children enjoy both school and the learning process, since our experience shows us that happy children learn more quickly.
  • We provide a secure educational environment where children take pleasure in working with our experienced staff.
  • In addition, children are introduced to a wide range of stimulating pre-school activities with the intention of developing all aspects of their character.
  • One object of the Pre-Nursery Unit is to provide a bridge between home and school. Within the group, children learn to play and live with one another. Meal times are particularly important and are supervised by staff who introduce children to a range of nutritious meals while encouraging good table manners.
  • Our aim is to contribute to children’s development in all areas. This obviously requires constant communication between parents and teachers and includes termly reports (2 a year), letters and regular verbal communication.