_DSF2631-ATaLessons are taught by subject specialists with the class tutor having the important pastoral role of coordinating all aspects of the pupils’ academic, as well as, social development.

Studies from 11 to 14 (Years 7 to 9)

In National Curriculum Years 7 to 9 specialist teachers deliver a balanced programme broadly based on the English National Curriculum, but with additional factors such as the introduction of the three separate sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) in Year 9 and the availability of three modern languages (French, Spanish and German).

Students of non-Spanish nationality study Spanish as a second language. Students of Spanish nationality validate their studies by following courses in Spanish Language, Literature and Social Sciences, according to the curriculum set by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

As in England, assessment based on National Curriculum levels continues to be used and students progress monitored accordingly.  King’s College keeps abreast of all curriculum developments in progress in the UK and pursues those policies best suited to the students’ needs.

Choices at 14-16  (Years 10 to 12)

The curriculum for age 14-16 is fundamentally the same as in English schools. All students study up to nine subjects in preparation for the award on the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. IGCSE is a highly regarded qualification which is accredited by the University of Cambridge (www.cie.org.uk) and approved by the Joint Council of British Universities.

All students are required to study English Language, Mathematics, Science and Spanish. In addition, they have a certain freedom to choose those subjects which they prefer and which will be most useful for their future career.

Students of non-Spanish nationality will normally study 9 academic subjects, as would be the case in most schools in England and in other international British schools.

Spanish nationals, or other students requiring official Spanish validation of their studies, will study slightly fewer subjects in order to include within their academic programme the necessary courses required by the Spanish Ministry of Education: (a) Spanish Language & Literature, and (b) Social Sciences.