Sports Teams

The Physical Education department runs a number of sports clubs that compete in leagues at the weekend. Mr Stearman sends a letter to all parents detailing the days of practice and further league information in June and September. Clubs begin at the Year 4 age range. Currently the school offers football, girls fútbol sala from Year 9, Rhythmic Gymnastics from Years 4-7, Athletics up to Year 9, Badminton, Basketball and Girls Volleyball.

Please email Mr Stearman for more information.

Please see the teams and training timetables for the 2017-2018 academic year here.


The school also offers:

TGA Golf

The first golf afterschool programs from USA will also be available for King’s College students. 

All TGA programs serve as an extension of the classroom by incorporating the following components:

  1. Golf instruction that is age-appropriate, effective and retainable
  2. Character development lessons through our initiative “Play the Fair Way with TGA”
  3. Physical education and fitness
  4. Rules & Etiquette lessons utilizing our custom 2 Hole Teaching Aid

TGA will also provide our students the opportunity to participate in the first Interescolar tournament promoted by TGA and Madrid Golf Federation for kids between 6 and 12 years old.



Year 3 –  Year 13



Horse Riding

Children love horses. The pleasure they get from this activity is visible in their smiles and the affection and respect they show to the horses they ride. As well as building co-ordination, control and balance it exercises the body and stimulates the mind.

Our instructors teach at all levels, helping pupils gain confidence in controlling, handling and riding their horse. Our school at Soto de Viñuelas has stables where a number of ponies and horses are kept. Pupils must wear boots and a riding hat which meet European Union safety standards.

Monday to Friday

Twice a week, during second break

Year 3 – Year 13

The Horse Riding instructor will hand out the days during the first few weeks of term before start date.



Judo is a great way to not only improve fitness, flexibility and strength but also to teach mental skills, strategic thinking, self control and respect. It’s a contact sport, very fast and exciting to both watch and participate in.

From its early foundations with Samurai warriors in the twelfth century it has become an international and Olympic sport with thousands of sportsmen and women of all ages enjoying its popularity.

All our Judo classes are taught by energetic, enthusiastic and fully qualified teachers with competition level experience. They ensure all pupils have a great time learning this disciplined art.

Monday and Wednesday

Reception 10:15 – 10:45
Year 1 10:45 – 11:15
Year 2 15:00 – 15:30
Year 3 – Year 6 Second break
Year 7 – Year 13 Second break





Self defense is the application of a number of defence techniques that aim to stop or repel offensive actions towards us trying to reduce the opponent safely and without causing unnecessary damage to the aggressor.Defense itself is putting into practice a chosen strategy, which normally consists in the application of skills and defensive techniques.We train this method of self defense in a fun way of easy assimilation and application, thereby improving our strength, elasticity and our reflexes, thus being physically and psychologically prepared to defend ourselves.

Monday and Wednesday

First break

Year 7 – Year 13



Exercise in children means playing and being physically active. Besides, practicing sport aids in the physical, mental, psychological and social development of children. Sports promote friendship, fair play, team work and discipline.

Apart from the benefits related to any kind of exercise, skating helps improve motor coordination as well as balance and concentration. Children are fast learners and the fun, a will for self-improvement, and the team spirit will always be present while skating in our classes.

Wearing safety equipment is required (helmet, wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads)

Tuesday and Thursday

Second break

Reception – Year 13


From timidly floating in the pool to having them splashing in the deep end and diving to the bottom is a short and fun filled journey that gives children confidence in the water. Learning to swim means children can enjoy being in the water safely.

Some take to it quickly, others need more time but with small groups and patient, experienced teachers, everyone enjoys their time in the water learning at the pace best suited to them.

There are 2 options available, either twice weekly sessions (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday) or a single weekly session (Monday to Friday).

Classes take place in our heated indoor pool at Soto de Viñuelas and are available for all pupils from Reception age onwards. It is obligatory that Infant children are accompanied by a parent or an authorised person in the changing rooms before and after each class.

Check available schedules between 4.45pm. and 6.45pm with:

José Espinosa

Tel: 616 11 67 34, Email:

Monday to Friday

Reception to Year 13