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Year 6 in Cullera!

What a great week Year 6 have had, celebrating the end of their Primary years in Cullera! They had a very informative trip to Bioparc, where they learnt all about different animal adaptations  and their habitats. Another day, the children spent a peaceful couple of hours on a boat on the Albufera, but the highlight for many was the day in the Terra Mitica theme park. Throughout the week, the children played games and made picture frames. Evenings were spent dancing and one night there was even a crime to solve.
The children had great fun and were heard saying:
“This has been the best trip ever!”
“It’s so much more fun coming to the beach!”
And even…
“I don’t want to go home!”

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony


The end of the journey, or the beginning of a new one? The end of Year 6, celebrated by a extravagant Graduation Celebration held in the auditorium. Smiles, emotions and some tears were all experienced by children, parents and teachers alike. The ceremony was put together by the Year 6 team, led by Mrs. Banks. There was also a lot of work put in by Miss Amos in terms of the music and singing. Our very valued assistants all had a part to play in putting this fantastic production together. The children performed a song and dance from World War 2. They then also did a role play of their memories from Primary and their ideas about transition to Year 7. Then at the end of the show, Mrs. Parkinson and Mr. Taylor gave out certificates and a book to mark this memorable occasion.


We are all proud of the children in Year 6, and wish them the best for Year 7, be it at

King´s College or at another school. Their teachers have really enjoyed their time with them over the years and seeing them at the end of Primary, was a treasured moment had by all.



Evacuation Day


Suitcase packed...check! Gas Mask…check!

This is probably what you heard in the houses of the Year 6 children on the morning of their amazing Evacuation Day. The pupils had been learning about World War 2 since Easter and had covered a range of interesting topics related to this immense piece of history. Now was the time to study the evacuation ordered by Neville Chamberlain in 1939. Many children were sent from the major cities in the UK to seek safety in the quiet village of Wales and rural England. They were to stay with foster families who would look after them for the duration of the war. Our Year 6 children had the inspiring opportunity to do such thing in and around the classroom. They all arrived at school with their WW2 suitcase, gas mask and prized possessions to take with them on their journey to the country. Some of them had even brought a photograph of their parents to look at when feeling homesick; others had letters from their parents saying how much they would miss them. The teachers did a fantastic job being in role too and took the children on a train ride, starting in the classroom. They played a number of games on the train and discussed their thoughts and feelings. When arriving at their destinations, they were selected by their host parents. The children had to prove they would be a help to the household and were interrogated by the adults.

Max said, ´The foster parents picked us out by asking us questions, mostly about farming. I was put with a lady called Ms. Anne. I felt nervous, but I was really excited.´



SWIMMING TEAMS (Alevines & Benjamines)

Last Saturday, 11th March, King’s College Benjamín, Alevín, Infantil girls and boys swimming teams participate don the 37th Edition of Municipal Sports Games of Comunidad de Madrid, in C.D.M. Puente de Vallecas. On the first day, students from King’s College had a magnificent performance. Many of the swimmers were first place in their respective series.…


Gymnastics (Primary)


Carla H won the gold medal in the Rhythmic Gymnastics in her first appearance representing school, this was a superb achievement and our second medal in the clubs second competition. Alejandra Z and Candela G came a fantastic 8th and 10th place respectively.