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Peace One Day 2017

Thursday 21st September was the International Day of Peace all around the world and here at King´s we celebrated together! All of our primary school children thought about what peace meant to them, and how we could show it to others. We participated in all kinds of different activities, from singing songs of peace, making peace beads, creating peace art collaboratively to making kites of peace. We had a wonderfully calm and thoughtful, yet fun day.

Fly Kites not Drones!


One of the best ways for children to learn is to immerse themselves in a meaningful experience. On Peace One Day, the students in Year 6 certainly did that, and we hope this memory will last with them forever.

As you are probably aware, a number of countries use armed drones during military conflicts. These have a devastating affect, much of which is on innocent civilians. To set up this scenario we first brought the whole year onto the playground. They had no idea what was waiting for them. To their amazement, Mr. Tamblyn flew one of the school´s mini-drones around the playground being controlled by an iPad. It hovered in the air and performed various tricks including a back-flip. The pupils were fascinated by it and their attention was sparked.

Miss. McLoughlin then asked the children about their thoughts and feelings. She went to talk about the negative side of drones and how they are used during wars nowadays. After seeing something so beautiful, the children found it hard to comprehend that someone would want to use this technology to harm people. Miss. McLoughlin then told the children a story about a boy called Aymel, who lost his dad to a drone strike in Afghanistan. It emphasises the terrible affect the drones can have. Now in Aymel´s village, people fly kites in memory of Aymel´s dad. The message being, Fly Kites, Not Drones.

The children then went back to their classes and were asked to make geometric kites to fly outside. They spent a couple of lessons working with their peers in group to produce some wonderful examples, all with the understanding of what happened in Afghanistan.

On Peace One Day, this was a very powerful experience for our students, teaching them the importance of forever hoping for a peaceful planet.




Peace at Last - Peace Day in Nursery

Do you believe peace is possible? In King´s we do and together we can make it happen!
In Nursery, we joined in the celebration of International Peace Day on the 21st September. We encouraged children to talk about how to be a good friend and make others happpy. Nursery children embraced Peace Day by creating beautiful doves (a symbol of peace), decorating them with a variety of materials, such as; paint, glitter and feathers. We had a lot of fun!

Settling into Reception

The Reception classes have settled in fantastically over the last few weeks. The children have participated in many enjoyable activities and games, during which they have renewed old friendships and developed new ones. These activities have included painting with our hands and feet, playing pass-the-parcel whilst learning about parts of our body, creating our faces using play-dough and many more fun activities! We are all learning so much, so quickly, as well as developing our English. We are all very proud of the children.

Peace Day In Reception

In Reception, we celebrated International Peace Day on the 21st of September. This is a very important day for us as we encourage the children to think about how they can promote peace by making others happy and then demonstrating their ideas with their peers. For example, some children chose to give a friend a hug, others chose to share a toy and some were going to help Mum in the kitchen! All the classes joined in a circle celebration singing a peace song 'Children of the World'.

SWIMMING TEAMS (Alevines & Benjamines)

Last Saturday, 11th March, King’s College Benjamín, Alevín, Infantil girls and boys swimming teams participate don the 37th Edition of Municipal Sports Games of Comunidad de Madrid, in C.D.M. Puente de Vallecas. On the first day, students from King’s College had a magnificent performance. Many of the swimmers were first place in their respective series.…


Gymnastics (Primary)


Carla H won the gold medal in the Rhythmic Gymnastics in her first appearance representing school, this was a superb achievement and our second medal in the clubs second competition. Alejandra Z and Candela G came a fantastic 8th and 10th place respectively.