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Year 6 in Cullera!

What a great week Year 6 have had, celebrating the end of their Primary years in Cullera! They had a very informative trip to Bioparc, where they learnt all about different animal adaptations  and their habitats. Another day, the children spent a peaceful couple of hours on a boat on the Albufera, but the highlight for many was the day in the Terra Mitica theme park. Throughout the week, the children played games and made picture frames. Evenings were spent dancing and one night there was even a crime to solve.
The children had great fun and were heard saying:
“This has been the best trip ever!”
“It’s so much more fun coming to the beach!”
And even…
“I don’t want to go home!”

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony


The end of the journey, or the beginning of a new one? The end of Year 6, celebrated by a extravagant Graduation Celebration held in the auditorium. Smiles, emotions and some tears were all experienced by children, parents and teachers alike. The ceremony was put together by the Year 6 team, led by Mrs. Banks. There was also a lot of work put in by Miss Amos in terms of the music and singing. Our very valued assistants all had a part to play in putting this fantastic production together. The children performed a song and dance from World War 2. They then also did a role play of their memories from Primary and their ideas about transition to Year 7. Then at the end of the show, Mrs. Parkinson and Mr. Taylor gave out certificates and a book to mark this memorable occasion.


We are all proud of the children in Year 6, and wish them the best for Year 7, be it at

King´s College or at another school. Their teachers have really enjoyed their time with them over the years and seeing them at the end of Primary, was a treasured moment had by all.



Evacuation Day


Suitcase packed...check! Gas Mask…check!

This is probably what you heard in the houses of the Year 6 children on the morning of their amazing Evacuation Day. The pupils had been learning about World War 2 since Easter and had covered a range of interesting topics related to this immense piece of history. Now was the time to study the evacuation ordered by Neville Chamberlain in 1939. Many children were sent from the major cities in the UK to seek safety in the quiet village of Wales and rural England. They were to stay with foster families who would look after them for the duration of the war. Our Year 6 children had the inspiring opportunity to do such thing in and around the classroom. They all arrived at school with their WW2 suitcase, gas mask and prized possessions to take with them on their journey to the country. Some of them had even brought a photograph of their parents to look at when feeling homesick; others had letters from their parents saying how much they would miss them. The teachers did a fantastic job being in role too and took the children on a train ride, starting in the classroom. They played a number of games on the train and discussed their thoughts and feelings. When arriving at their destinations, they were selected by their host parents. The children had to prove they would be a help to the household and were interrogated by the adults.

Max said, ´The foster parents picked us out by asking us questions, mostly about farming. I was put with a lady called Ms. Anne. I felt nervous, but I was really excited.´



Feria del Libro (Madrid)

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Visiting Book fair


Last Friday, we went with Lengua department to Retiro park to visit the most popular book fair in Spain. The weather was extremely hot, but there was a  soft breeze.

The book fair had around 360 stalls and many, many books. They were grouped in different genres and languages, but most of them were spanish.We walked around the book fair for at least 3 hours.

We did some questionnaires and our results showed that El Quijote is still one of people’s favourite books.

Then we took a short break in the shade of a few trees, had lunch together and all of us joined in a water fight. After an hour we got on the bus and came back to school. It was a very fun day!

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Spanish Day

Induction Spanish students had the unique opportunity to practise their language skills during an entire day of games and activities in Spanish. 
They worked hand in hand, following clues on a vibrant treasure hunt that led them from one end of the school to the other. They also participated in a Sevillanas dance and clapping workshop. Among other experiences, they were wonderful when they read to the Nursery infants in Spanish. And, last but not least, they enjoyed a delicious gastronomic Spanish feast. 

Induction Day for September´s Year 7

Friday 2nd June saw the first of the Induction Days for all  Year 6 pupils at Soto. They were transformed into Senior School students for the whole day. All sorts of exciting lessons were delivered  giving them a flavour of life at Kings in the coming years. The Chemistry lesson was an investigative challenge to spot the effects of ph indicators on the colour of water and they got to know about acids and alkalis.  “I really liked the English lesson. The teacher was kind, interesting and intelligent,” commented one of the students. The children explored  drama activities which definitely sparked their imagination. In Maths, they were confronted with mini challenges to explore number problems.  History took the children back to Roman times, a fun lesson where they got to dress up in Roman costumes. And of course there was Biology, a chance to discover all about the ingredients in foods and whether they contained glucose, starches and proteins. The study included tests on carrots, potatoes, bananas, milk, bread, cereals, apples and crisps. What a fun filled day it was! Thanks to all those teachers who helped preparing the lessons and of course Ms. Smethurst (Head of Year 7) for organising the whole event.

Alejandro Fernández San Román de Yr.5B ha sido campeón del torneo de tenis de Tres Cantos en la categoría benjamín.

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Upper Key Stage 2 Open Afternoons

This week, the parents of Year 5 and 6 pupils were invited to an "Open Afternoon" to share and talk about  their own childrens' school work with the students. This tradition has proved to be a positive experience for pupils, parents and teachers and allows all parties to experience a snapshot classroom scene from both social and academic perspectives.The children were proud to demonstrate yet again their quality work and the high standards maintained!

Year 2 Open Afternoon

Year 2 invited their parents into their classrooms to show them their fantastic learning so far this year. Everybody was amazed by how much work they have done and the progress they have made so far.

Year 2 Keeping fit

In Year 2 we invited parents to take part in our aerobics sessions at the end of the day as part of our Healthy Week. We followed the teachers' routine exercising our arms and legs, keeping in time to the music. Then, we thought of our own exercises we could include in the routine thinking about movements involving jumping, twisting, bending and stretching. It was great fun and we have learnt lots of different ways to move to keep fit and healthy.

Year 1 Open Afternoon

On Wednesday 3rd May we had an Open Afternoon for Year 1 parents. This was a chance for children to show all the hard work they have been doing and how proud they are of the progress they have made.

Year 2 Trip

Year 2 Trip to “El Alamo” Farm
On Wednesday 3rd May, the Year 2 children visited “El Alamo” farm where they took part in a range of exciting activities!  Some of the highlights were cuddling the rabbits, watching the goats and pigs eating and riding one of the friendly horses.
The children also took part in gardening activities to complement our topic “You Are What You Eat”.  They were shown the fruit, vegetables and plants growing in the garden and greenhouse, before planting their own seed.
We were very lucky with the lovely sunny weather and a great time was had by all!

Air Raids in Year 6

History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it. - Winston Churchill. This famous quote can have a double meaning when applied to Year 6, as they really have been writing as if they were in the Second World War themselves!

Since the start of the Summer Term, Year 6 have been on a journey of discovery, learning about World War 2. They have been finding out about key dates using reading skills and have also been investigating what it was like to live through the London Blitz bombings, over 70 years ago. To further develop the pupils´interest and understanding, the Year 6 team decided to stage an actual air raid in the Year 6 corridor. It was complete with real air raid sounds and effects taken from actual recordings from World War 2. The children even had made model gas masks which they quickly put on as the air raid siren sounded. Candles were lit to see and our very own Air Raid Warden, Mr. Shamsul, came round to take the register. As the children trembled under their desks, they really got to experience the horrors of this graphic part of world history.

Of course, this experience lead into developing their writing and some of the results of what the children wrote were spectacular. Giving the children this kind of role play opportunity really does impact on the quality and creativity of what they write in relation to these events.

It was amazing to see how seriously the children took this and how they enjoyed learning about it. I am sure over the next few weeks Year 6 will show equal enthusiasm to the many other activities we have planned for them.



Raising Awareness and Money!

The totals are in… This years charity events, in Years 5,6 and 7, have raised over 7300 Euros.
The children in Year 5 celebrated World Read Aloud Day and took action to show the World that the right to literacy belongs to all people! Just over 2300 Euros were raised for Juegaterapia, one of the school’s four charities, which helps children, hospitalised with cancer, do what any other child wants to: play.
King’s College have been supporting this charity for several years now and contributed to the building of roof top play areas in Hospital la Paz, Hospital 12 de Octubre and Hospital La Fe, Valencia.
A special thank you to Julia and Martina in 5T, who raised a significant amount of money and to Carlota in 5C, who raised an incredible 518 Euros.
The children in Years 6 and 7 learnt about how the scarcity of water can affect the lives of others. Projects were completed about countries with water problems all over the World, however the children feel particularly drawn to helping fund water projects in the Nyumbani Village of Kenya.
The Village was created in 2004 and King’s College has supported it from the start. At present there are over 1,000 orphans living in the village being cared for by 100 ‘grandparents’.
This year, Soto de Viñuelas Years 6 and 7 and La Moraleja Year 7 and have raised over 6100 Euros with their sponsored Walk4Water. Thank you to all participants and their families and friends who sponsored them and have helped to change lives. Mario 6B and Fernando G. 6A deserve a special mention as they raised over 340 Euros each. Asante sana!

May Fair

This year’s May Fair is to be hosted at King’s College, Soto de Viñuelas on Saturday 27th May. Come along for the fun, food, activities and events which will be going on all afternoon (13:00 – 17:00). Raffle Donations Help Needed: This year we are also looking for raffle prize donations and we would love it…


SWIMMING TEAMS (Alevines & Benjamines)

Last Saturday, 11th March, King’s College Benjamín, Alevín, Infantil girls and boys swimming teams participate don the 37th Edition of Municipal Sports Games of Comunidad de Madrid, in C.D.M. Puente de Vallecas. On the first day, students from King’s College had a magnificent performance. Many of the swimmers were first place in their respective series.…


Gymnastics (Primary)


Carla H won the gold medal in the Rhythmic Gymnastics in her first appearance representing school, this was a superb achievement and our second medal in the clubs second competition. Alejandra Z and Candela G came a fantastic 8th and 10th place respectively.