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Soto Weekly Issue 21

What a exciting week it has been at King’s Soto. Year 1 students enjoyed a special ‘Castle Day’ this week to ‘bring to life all that they have been learning about in their Topic work on castles. We believe that the best way to remember the details of a topic and for it to become locked in our memories is to emerge ourselves into the theme. Year 5 students have been learning about the layers of the atmosphere and annotated the features of each region, in their Ciencias Sociales classes. Finally, scroll to the secondary page to take a look at our Year 12 IB Visual Arts students enjoying an outdoor sketching activity!

The Soto Weekly Issue 20

Another busy week at King’s Soto! This week we have been discussing the importance of distinguishing Equality from Equity, scroll to Mr. Crouch page to read all about it. Our Primary students have been learning through sensory activities, they even went on a “bear hunt”! Year 8 students have been teaching our Year 7 students all about emotional well being. Finally, click on the King’s College Band link to be a part of their warm up jam sesh!

The Soto Weekly Issue 19

Welcome back everyone to yet another fantastic week at King’s Soto. Scroll to Mr. Crouch’s page to read and listen to some GEOG – Rap – hers, students were aksed to exlpain the concepts of urban decline and deprivation within a rap based on a soundtrack from Detroit ́s very own Eminem! Primary has been very busy too, as always. From dynamic learning with dinosours, to World Religion Week, students have had the opportunity to learn with fun engaging activities. Finally, this week we celebrated Holocoust Memorial day, our upper Secondary students had the opportunity to listen to Eve’s story, an Auschwitz survivor who shared her story with over 800 schools. 

The Soto Weekly Issue 18

It has been a busy week at King’s Soto. The Charity Committee started a new intiiative to collect warm clothes and blankets for the homeless people of Madrid. We will be collecting donations until the 12th of February. For more information, scroll to the Deputy Head’s page. This week in the Primary School we have been celebrating World Religions Week and have been learning about different religions. The purpose of the week was to promote inter-faith understanding and harmony, and to acknowledge the similarities that different faiths have. Scroll to the Secondary page to read on of Alya’s “Retire Richer” articles about the stock market. Finally, the Soto Cretive Crew has launched a new section by Andrea (7N), who will be releasing a chapter of her mystery book every week!

The Soto Weekly Issue 17

Welcome back everyone! Our first week of the second term started off really snowy. Students and staff took the most creative fun pictures that represented how they dealt with the snow. Scroll to the middle section to see all our King’s College snow pictures. We have also dedicated a page to the Prize giving pictures from last term. Congratulations to all the winners! Finally, we will be introducing our nw staff members in pairs every week. Check out the Headmasters page to get to know our new teachers!

The Soto Weekly Issue 16

Last week of term! As we prepared for our last week before the holidays, the Christmas spirit was all around us. Primary and Secondary worked together to deliver our Christmas boxes to one of our charities: Bomberos Ayudan. Our geography classrooms were filled with innovative projects created by our Year 9 students. They recently finished learning about the Anthropocene and had to design a piece of technology which could help to ‘return’ our planet to a more natural state and reverse some of the harm which humans have done. Our Year 8 Math classes were taken over by a very special visit from Enrique the air traffic controller! 

The Soto Weekly Issue 15

As a tribute to the constitution, two of our King’s students read an extract from it this week, broadcasted live on local Spanish television! Watch the video on the Secondary school page.
Year 8 amazed us with their dance skills. They prepared a routine based on the work of Christopher Bruce, turly inspiring! Finally, scroll all the way down to our Soto Creative Crew page for riddles, stories, and suggestions from our students!

The Soto Weekly Issue 14

This week has been full of beautiful initiatives organised by both staff and students. Click on the link in the first page to listen to our wonderful Kings College band playing some classic Christmas songs. We also started a fundraising initiative called Toliet Twinning, scroll to the Secondary section to read all about 7N’s special contributions! 

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