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World Mental Health Day

Wednesday 12th October was World Mental Health Day. To show our support for this incredibly important day we joined the ´Hello Yellow´movement.  By wearing yellow we showed our young people that they are not alone when it comes to their mental health. Throughout Primary, we held discussions and activities targeted to promote strategies to support mental health and Juan, the new School Counsellor, held assemblies with all children from EYFS to Year 6.

By wearing yellow and the children bringing in 1 Euro, we raised 640 Euros and raised awareness for our new school charity ANAR - Ayuda a Niños y Adolescentes en Riesgo.





Promoting Music in Primary

Performing for the Junior Department was an amazing experience. We are proud members of the music school community and would love to encourage younger students to start music lessons in school as it’s a great opportunity to learn a new skill and find your passion. The kids were extremely welcoming and seemed to enjoy our short performance - we are extremely thankful for this opportunity and surely the Music School will continue to grow.

Bomberos Ayudan to the Rescue!


During the week beginning 5th October we had the pleasure of welcoming into school representatives from one of our school charities, Bomberos Ayudan. The firemen came in to our Key Stage 2 assemblies to talk to our students about their charity work supporting some of the less fortunate members of the Madrid community.

The children are always delighted when we have outside visitors delivering a assembly and this was no exception. They listened attentively to the firemen explaining the work they do with Pato Amarillo. This is situated in Orcasitas, Madrid; one of the areas of Madrid most affected by the economic crisis and from this organization the Firemen provide food and clothing to over 600 families every month; families who need our support. The students were astounded to see the level of involvement  that the Bomberos Ayudan have within the Madrid community, and had many questions to ask our visitors.

Following on from the assembly we then launched our King’s College Harvest Collection, collecting non perishable food items and toiletries. To bring the campaign to a close, on Thursday 25th October, representatives from Bomberos Ayudan came to school to collect the goods. Pupil representatives from EYFS to Year 13, including our KS2 School Council and the Year 13 Charity Committee members helped the firemen to pack away the produce and to load it into their van. The sense of community and helping one another was palpable as the students happily made several journeys back and forth to load up the firemen’s vehicle.

Thank you to all our families who contributed to the Harvest Collection. Bomberos Ayudan asked us to pass on their heartfelt gratitude to everyone. Here’s to many more year working with this amazing organisation!   



Colour Patio

Colour Patio is a celebration of the school houses for Key Stage 1 that takes place once every term. The house captains of Lion house, Knight house, Shield house and Crown house were able to introduce themselves as another friendly face for everybody on the Patio. Every child is given a sticker to represent the colour of their house and has the chance to play with the rest of their house during playtime. It is an opportunity for all the classes in Key Stage 1 to play with somebody different and make new friends in a class other than their own. The children had a thoroughly enjoyable patio and played kindly enjoying new games with one another.

Shield House Trip


Friday 5th October was a special day for Shield house! As a prize for earning the most house points last year (through hard work, determination and teamwork) they were presented with their prize. A huge picnic and afternoon in the park!

Shield house children from Years 4, 5, 6 and 7 gathered together under the porch, picnics in hand, ready to board the buses. It was a gorgeously sunny day, perfect for setting off to Tres Cantos. Upon arrival they sat on the grass and ate lunch together, music was playing and spirits were high. They then spent the rest of the afternoon playing together in the park. They swang as high as they could on the swings, bounced on the trampolines, climbed to the top of towers and kept cool controlling  the water features! Great fun was had by all as they mixed and made new friends. The only disappointment was when it was time to go back to the buses!

Let’s see which house can earn the most points to be the champions at the end of this year and claim the prize for themselves!

Terrific Trip Templo Debod

Year 4 have been on their first trip to the Temple Debod. They used their new sketching and shading techniques to create realistic drawings of the Temple for their Ancient Egypt topic. Unfortunately the weather was not on their side, but despite this, they managed to enjoy a morning at the Temple before heading back to school for an indoor picnic and an afternoon of Egyptian fun!

Best Line Prize winners

Over the past 7 weeks the classes of Key Stage 1 have been competing for the Best Line Prize. One point is awarded at the end of each patio to the class that line up quickly, smartly and in register order without the help of a grown up. With one day to go it was a very close competition between the Puffin class and the Bear class. On Friday 19th October the final point was awarded to the Puffin class giving them 17 points in total and making them the winners of the first Best Line Prize. In the afternoon the Puffin class had popcorn and voted to watch the film Sing as their reward for their hard work. Well done Puffin Class! 

6T Class Assembly - My Screen is Frozen

Every year Mr. Tamblyn’s Year 6 Class do an assembly on aspects of eSafety. This is usually done in October to give the children added digital literacy skills as they start off the academic year. Also, as we give the children more and more responsibility with technology in UKS2, this area of the curriculum continues to grow in its importance in the lives of our learners.


Like every year,  our Year 6 eSafety assembly is never repeated as being digitally literate is always changing. As a school we aim to keep at the forefront giving the children our response to the latest dangers in the technological world. This year the focus was mainly password protection but did have a lot of coverage on age restrictions for apps, online gaming and screen time. All of these areas were conveyed amazing well by a driven, enthusiastic and engaged class, the kind that is archetypal of King’s College.


The story was about the characters from Frozen and their life after the film. They all have a reunion organised using social media. They are so distracted by their mobile devices that they get their passwords stolen by the evil hacker, the Marshmallow Monster. The rest of the assembly is about what happens when you let your password become compromised. It also shows the danger of accessing sites that you’re too young for.


The children prepared all of the acting themselves and performed an incredible choreographed dance which they had learnt. They rounded it all off with a parody song of the classic film score, ‘Let it Go’, with the name changed to ‘Don’t Let your Password Go’. The children had written the majority of the lyrics of this song and Miss. Amos helped them with the instruments and vocals.


The message was delivered in a child friendly way, that hopefully, they will remember forever.

House Captains and House Lunches

Being a Year 6 House Captain is a highly sought after position in King´s College. A role of responsibility where maturity and promotion of the Core Values is key. The children who wanted to be a House Captain gave some great speeches to their classes in the hope they would be voted to represent their particular house, either Lion, Knight, Shield or Crown. The children who were given this great honor are:


Crown House - Lucas and Daniela

Lion House - Ana and Borja

Knight House - Ursula and Antonio

Shield House - Jaime and Huixin


These students are proud of their new role and will work throughout the year to help organise and deliver our many house events. Their first task was to deliver assemblies to the Year 3/4 and Years 5/6. This was also done alongside the support of the Year 2 House Captains who are for this term:


Lion House - Dylan and Zahira

Crown House - Claudia and Nacho

Knight House - Manuel and Gimena

Shield House -  Patricia and Zachary


Recently, the House Captains have organised our special annual event, The House Lunches. This fantastic initiative invites all of the children from a particular house to play games with each other. This is from Years 3 to 6.  They then go to the dining room to have lunch together and get to know each other. The House Captains have done a marvellous job organising all the games through careful planning in advance. Let´s keep our fingers crossed for the weather for these House Lunches, which I am sure will also be a success.