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King´s Around the World Challenge

King´s Around the World Challenge: 29th May to 14th June
Dear Students, Staff, Parents, Alumni and Friends.
It has been a challenging and unusual few months, but the Student Councils have continued to meet weekly to share feedback and to work on new virtual projects that enhance the King´s spirit of adventure and collaboration. Coordinated by our new Head Students, Victoria and Nicholas, a challenge has been planned to replace the annual Summer Fair and to raise much needed funds for our four school charities. This challenge draws on the promotion of physical exercise and also community togetherness to reach a goal, at the same time raising funds for the charities.
Aim: To complete one full lap around the world as a school community (approx. 40,000 kms)
The student committee is encouraging everyone to extend their physical exercise routines and to go above and beyond. This does not mean the usual walk to the shops, or a typical stroll around the block. We are encouraging you to do that bit extra, not only for yourselves but also for charity! This can include any form of exercise: running, walking, skating, swimming, climbing, skipping, blading, cycling… as long as you have challenged yourself, covered a certain distance and recorded it. We then ask you to submit your distance (honestly and truthfully) whenever you have completed it, this could be daily or weekly, it doesn’t matter. The website that has been specially designed for this challenge by the students so that everyone can input their totals, make a donation and monitor our collective progress around the world.  The website can be found at the link below:
The website also includes information about our four school charities and an option for you to upload any images of you exercising. Please only upload any images that you are happy for us to use for marketing purposes, i.e. to celebrate our achievements (make sure you read the GDPR guidelines carefully, as you will be accepting them by uploading an image).
We would like to encourage everyone to be as honest as possible and therefore recommend that one of the following apps, or similar, are used to record your distances when exercising specifically for the challenge:
Nike + Run App/Club 
MapMyRun (Underarmour)
Try and beat your distance each time and set yourself some personal targets.  Maybe even link these targets to a monetary amount that you (or more likely your parents!) will agree to donate if you achieve them. The important thing is to enjoy your exercise though and to be safe, always inform an adult of what you are doing and where you intend to go if you are exercising alone.
To donate is easy and very important. Ideally we want to raise as much funds as we do during a typical Summer Fair, so please do support this challenge and share our website with family and friends. They can take part too! There is a link to our GoFundMe page on the website, and here you can make your donation; once, twice, as many times as you like! A few ideas could be:
Set personal targets linked to monetary values for individual family members
Set a collective target as a family or group of friends over the two week period and allocate a monetary value to donate
Maybe donate an amount every 5,000kms achieved by the collective community
Maybe donate an amount on completion of the whole distance, around the world
Or do all of the above… it is really up to you – every little bit helps!
The total funds raised at the end of the challenge will be divided equally into four and donated to the four school charities listed below (more information about them can be found on the challenge website):
Porque Viven, ANAR, Nyumbani and Bomberos Ayudan
If you have any questions at all then please do not hesitate in contacting at any time. We very much look forward to hearing about and seeing your journeys around the world, and thank you all in advance for your enthusiasm, support and kind donations.
Kindest regards,
Victoria and Nicholas
(King’s College Soto Head Students)

King´s College Virtual Choir

Please follow the link below to see the first ever performance of the King’s College Virtual Chorus. Following the success of the Secondary School Virtual Big Band project, our wonderful Music Department have  now provided this performance platform for our choir in the Junior School, who have been deprived of their opportunity to perform on stage this term because of the lockdown.  I think you will all agree how happy and proud they are tobe singing together again.  We are already looking forward to more collaborations from our Junior School choir.

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