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Back to the Future

Recently, I have been selected to form part of the Sixth Form Prefect body in order to take over the Head of Primary Help position. The position consists of grouping and managing a team of volunteers who, during their lunchtimes, help out Primary teachers. In Primary Help students get the opportunity to interact with younger colleagues whilst learning how a lesson is structured and developed. Primary Help offers an enriching program for students to take part in; where they can develop fundamental skills for the near future.
During Year 12 I and my pre-assigned partner for the programme went once a week to Miss Kelly’s classroom, who, by the way, used to be my teacher when I was five years old!  At first, the classroom seemed small and different from what I remembered, but after one or two lessons, I could almost feel as if I was 5 years old again. I was happy to see how the class maintained its essence and how Miss Kelly’s way of teaching didn’t differ from what I experienced. However, I was surprised by how new technologies have been implemented in the classroom and how naturally students use tablets and simple coding toys. In my opinion, Miss Kelly’s classroom is the perfect environment for the development of our future junior students.
When I first signed in up to the Primary Help programme, I was somewhat sceptical about my decision because I thought I was wasting my time. Clearly, I was wrong. Primary Help has not only filled me with gratitude but has improved my interpersonal skills and my team working skills, some of which are essential for my future dream goal of becoming a hotel director.
Mario - Year 12

Sports Day 2019

Sports Day is one of the most exciting days of the year. The whole of the Secondary School joins together to enjoy sports and athletics, where students can show off the talent they have in sport or for a particular event. It is a very nice way to get to be with your friends outside of the normal school environment.
Students ranging from Year 7 to Year 12 compete between people from their year group in all sorts of events. This helps people to leave behind the stress you carry with you in school on a daily basis. It is a nice way of doing sports and is always enjoyed by everyone.
Pelayo Gutierrez
On Sports Day we competed in sports, specifically athletics. On this fabulous day every student needed to compete in at least one event, either on the track or in the field. During the day we saw competitiveness, fair play and good performances from all students but more important, students enjoying themselves. The best thing about it is having a day out of school, being outside and having a day of fun with your friends doing sport and taking care of each other.  Well done to Lion House, who won the overall event on the day.
Ander Diez

King´s Games

The second year of the King´s Games saw us extend the competition to five schools, our guests, the British School of Gran Canaria, joined Soto, La Moraleja, Murcia and Alicante in three days of sporting competition. The first saw all schools compete in Athletics, Soto came out winners winning an impressive 26 medals. All schools enjoyed an evening tour of the Bernebeu, followed by Kilometers of pizza. The football day was a great success, with Alicante performing excellently in both competitions, winning both the boys and the girls tournaments, this meant that both Soto and Alicante were level on points approaching the last day. After an evening at the Warner Park, all teams were raring to go in the final day´s swimming event. There were some superb individual performances from all schools, but Soto managed to finish as overall champions by winning 10 of 12 events on the day. The medal ceremony attended by Sir Roger Fry was a fantastic way to end the three days, this was followed by a BBQ, which gave the King´s students a last chance to bond even more.

Grease Lightning!

This year the school has really outdone itself in producing such an entertaining and polished musical in “Grease”. I think I speak in the name of the entire cast when I say I am proud of the show we put on for those three nights, and such fun ones for both cast members and people in the audience alike. This opportunity enabled me to grow not only as a musician and actress, but also as a person, working and bonding with incredibly talented people I otherwise would not have had the pleasure to meet.
It was a lot of vigorous work throughout several months; auditions, lunchtimes, after school rehearsals and Saturdays even, but always a fun experience and never like an obligation, more so like something enjoyable, to a get rest from all my other duties and stress.
We were lucky to be under the tutelage of such remarkable and diligent teachers too; Ms Garrison, Mr Blake,  Ms Raz and Mr Lord who walked us through their vision and helped us in flourishing. Their dedication and support was made apparent in the end result, with a show none of us could have ever imagined, exceeding all our expectations.
I am eager to see what next year holds with “We Will Rock You”. I expect to see many familiar faces returning for more, and hopefully new people to contribute to the talent we have already seen and maybe even outdo ourselves. It is an experience I wholeheartedly would recommend without a doubt in my mind. One that I will remember for years to come.
Alejandra - Year 12

Helping Mozambique

A cyclone hit the country of Mozambique almost a month ago, with more than 180 people found dead and thousands left without a home. Due to this disaster, the Charity Committee at Kings College dedicated two weeks before the Easter break to raise awareness and money for those in need in Mozambique. Collaborating with a young girl named Sarah Oguntomilade, the Head Student of the American International School of Mozambique, she explained to us the result of this abominable event. In addition, she told us about two main organisations stationed in Mozambique that were raising money for clothes and kits for girls. With all this information, we decided to arrange bake sales, Easter egg hunts, and informative stands, all benefiting the Mozambique project. Thanks to all those who participated, we were able to raise 2005,54 euros for the children and families in Mozambique. Every contribution always helps. We feel blessed to have helped out and will continue to find projects such as this one to help others.
Emma – Year 13

Music School Festival

The annual Music School Festival has returned in record numbers this academic year, representing a brilliant performing opportunity for all students in the Music School to showcase their talents. Performers of flute, alto saxophone, clarinet, piano, violin, classical guitar, electric guitar, drum kit and voice have all taken to the stage to wow their audiences, exhibiting a wide range of repertoire, from the Baroque Era to the present day. Many of these students will also be sitting external music examinations during the Summer Term, and we wish them the very best of luck!

Judo Black Belts

We are pleased to announce that two of our Year 13 pupils, Alejandro E y Àlvaro D, have obtained the Black Belt in Judo in the official examinations of the Royal Federation of Judo, which were held on 30 June.
Both pupils started this optional activity in the Official Judo School at King's College when they were in Reception class, and have worked through the years with determination and perseverance, key determinants in achieving such a coveted award.
I am sure that Alvaro's and Alejandro's successes will set an example for others to follow.
Tenemos el placer de comunicarles que nuestros alumnos de Year 13, Alejandro E y Álvaro D, han obtenido el Cinturón Negro de Judo en los exámenes oficiales de la Real Federación de Judo que se han celebrado el pasado 30 de Junio.
Ambos se iniciaron en esta actividad opcional en la Escuela Oficial de Judo de King’s College desde pequeños, cuando estaban en el curso de Reception, y desde entonces han trabajado duro y con perseverancia, lo que ha sido la clave del éxito que supone la obtención de tan preciado galardón.
Seguro que Alejandro y Álvaro serán ejemplo a seguir para el resto de alumnos del colegio.