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Student Leadership Weekend

Our most recent Student Leadership Weekend (SLW) meeting has made much progress within the club. The SLW is being led and organised this year by eight Year 13 students and two Year 11 students. For one of our sessions, we had a Skype call with one of the external speakers, Laina Pattni, who will be doing an interactive workshop about public speaking. This call gave the students an opportunity to talk, ask questions and tell Laina about the aims of the SLW. This was a lovely opportunity for the students to get involved in the overall planning of each session, it gave them a better understanding about what will be involved in this specific workshop. The students also gave some ideas about what they would like to hear as well as a guide for Laina.
The students are very enthusiastic and have put together all their creative ideas so that this weekend will be very informative but enjoyable for all the students attending. The main focus being that the attendees can put into practice all the tips they have learnt, going along with our slogan 'Making Leadership Stick'.
This event, taking place November 15th - 17th, will be attended by around 70 students from international schools all around the world, therefore will be a good chance throughout the weekend to practice their networking skills as well as the leadership skills they'll be learning through the weekend during teamwork challenges, including a team building challenge around Madrid City Centre. By the end of the weekend the students hope that everyone will be able to apply what they have learnt to everything they do; from their school work to their future careers.
 - Danielle J

Co-Curricular Fair!


On Thursday 12th September, the first ever Co-curricular Fair was held in the Secondary School.  The Fair was attended by every student, from Year 7 - 13, encouraging them to discover and sign-up to the many diverse clubs, activities and societies on offer for them this academic year.  The opportunities ranged from STEM, Debating and Coding Clubs to Chinese Culture Club, LAMDA Public Speaking and Art Therapy. Every teacher is involved in coordinating a club or activity, or mentoring a student Prefect who has committed to leading a student society.  There are more than 10 student-led societies, including the Charity Committee, Relate, Wellbeing, MUN, Performing Arts and the student newspaper. This year we are very excited about the announcement of the school musical; 'We Will Rock You,' with many students of all ages signing up to be involved in the production.  We also look forward to seeing our school orchestra and choir in action later in the year. More sporting opportunities have been offered than before, with new sports such as; rugby, hockey, cricket, and netball, all proving popular, as well health and fitness opportunities also being made available to all students on a daily basis.  It was great to see a couple of the school charities also in attendance, as the Charity Committee and the Houses are all striving to raise the profile of these important organisations and to extend the many opportunities that we have to work with and to support them. A full list of all the Secondary co-curricular clubs, activities and societies can be found on the Parent Portal and the school website.

-Paul Crouch (Deputy Head)

World Challenge Trip

World Challenge is about students participating on an expedition that is primarily lead by themselves. Whilst on the expedition they take on a variety of roles, such as accommodation, transport, medical, finance, and a number of others. They rotate these responsibilities after a few days. The idea is to develop independence, confidence and leadership skills. It is very challenging for them and often they are out of their comfort zone. They need to work as a team and consider others as well as what they personally want to get out of it. 

The trekking phase, with fully packed rucksacks, this year was in the Malaysian rainforest. The students learned a lot about conservation, and our guides taught us about natural means of survival. This was a physically demanding aspect of the expedition, due to the intense humidity in the jungle and the constant attack by leeches.

The conservation phase this year was working on a turtle conservation project. We were resident at ‘Bubbles’ resort which is an eco based idea and visitors are involved in rebuilding the coral reefs and night watch for the turtles. Students and staff took shifts to watch out on the beach to see the female turtles laying her eggs, these were then transferred to a safe hatchery.

This years rest and relaxation phase involved white water rafting as well as visiting the Cameron Highlands and tea plantations.

It was a great experience for all involved and for staff to see the students evolve into a self led team.

- Ian Robertson

Judo Black Belts

We are pleased to announce that two of our Year 13 pupils, Alejandro E y Àlvaro D, have obtained the Black Belt in Judo in the official examinations of the Royal Federation of Judo, which were held on 30 June.
Both pupils started this optional activity in the Official Judo School at King's College when they were in Reception class, and have worked through the years with determination and perseverance, key determinants in achieving such a coveted award.
I am sure that Alvaro's and Alejandro's successes will set an example for others to follow.
Tenemos el placer de comunicarles que nuestros alumnos de Year 13, Alejandro E y Álvaro D, han obtenido el Cinturón Negro de Judo en los exámenes oficiales de la Real Federación de Judo que se han celebrado el pasado 30 de Junio.
Ambos se iniciaron en esta actividad opcional en la Escuela Oficial de Judo de King’s College desde pequeños, cuando estaban en el curso de Reception, y desde entonces han trabajado duro y con perseverancia, lo que ha sido la clave del éxito que supone la obtención de tan preciado galardón.
Seguro que Alejandro y Álvaro serán ejemplo a seguir para el resto de alumnos del colegio.