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Oxford MUN Conference

The Oxford Global Model United Nations Conference, which took place from the 16th-18th of November, is a prestigious, diverse and fascinating experience.  Ten of our Year 12 and 13 students were fortunate enough to have the experience of participating in this event, as well as having the opportunity to see what student life is like at Oxford University.  We had a day prior to the conference exploring the city, learning about the history of the colleges,and partaking in some thrilling games at the famous Thirsty Meeples Board Game Cafe!  Throughout the conference itself, the students were involved in some intense committees debating and resolving some of the world´s most pressing issues.  There were also some very complex meeting groups, including the Future Crisis and EU committees, which required the students to research and adopt real-life personas.  All participants fully immersed themselves in the experience, and there were also two high commendations: Isabel C won an Honorary Delegate award, and Alejandra A´s resolution was passed in her committee, among discussion that it might be used at the real United Nations conference!Enter your news text here using the editor above to adjust formatting.

Spaghetti and Marshmallow Challenge!

On Friday 26th of October, Year 6 students visited the Year 3
classrooms to take part in the Y3/Y6 Class Buddies scheme. This
scheme involved an icebreaker for the children to interact as well as
an inventive challenge. For the challenge, a mixture of Y3 and Y6
students in groups had to build a tower out of marshmallows and
spaghetti. In order to win, students had to build the tallest tower that
was able to balance a golden coin!
Class Buddies is a creative way for the children to spend their golden
time. Furthermore, by mingling Y3 and Y6s, class buddies is a great
opportunity for Year 6s to lead in a fun environment; for Y3s to build
their confidence when interacting with older children while
simultaneously promoting primary school harmony. 

Silver in Girl´s Football

Football Tournament 7 a side- Girls:
The football tournament was hosted by Runnymede and we were excited to play after all of our training in school.

The first match we played was against St Annes School, which ended with a score of 2-0 with King’s College as winners.

The second match we played was against Runnymede school, which ended with a close score of 1-0 with King’s College winning.

The third match we played was against ICS School, which ended with a score of 2-0 with Kings College as winners again.

The fourth match we played was against Hasting School, which ended with King’s college winning with a score of 2-0.

As we won all the previous matches, we passed on to the semi-finals, playing against Hastings School which ended with a score of 1-0 with Kings College as winners.

We won the semi-final so when we reached the final, the whole team was excited and determined to win. Unfortunately, King’s College lost 1-0 to the British Council after an intense match. Soon after, we took our silver medals and went home by bus, content with our final result due to our hard work.Players: Lucía C, Lucía G, Carla G, Valeria B,Beatriz M, María P, Laura M, Blanca G, María B, Claudia P,Gabriela P, Elena R,Claudia M

Written by: Claudia M

SINEWS Presentation to Parents

As part of our programme of presentations to parents Itziar Baltesar from Sinews will be speaking to parents on November 6th at 6.00pm in the school auditorium about Adolescent Mental Well-Being. All parents of students in Years 7-13 are very welcome to attend.

Gold Duke of Edinburgh Trip to Wales

The Year 13 Gold Duke of Edinburgh students went to the Brecon Beacons National Park to complete their qualifying expedition from 22nd to 29th September. The trip was a great success with all students completing the expedition part of the award.

University Trip

On Thursday 13th September, 23 students and 2 teachers met at 4.30am to fly to the UK and visit universities. In London we had attended a talk especially designed for our group followed by a guided tour in the universities UCL and LSE and the next day we took ourselves on a self-led tour around Imperial College, we then travelled to Oxford and were invited into the president of Trinity College's house for a talk and questions and answers session and then she personally took us on a tour. The next day we attended an open day at Birmingham University where students were able to attend sample lectures, talk to specialist professors and take part in some activities. On Sunday 16th September we then travelled to Warwick University where we met the ex-Head of the sixth form who then took students on a guided tour. All in all, the trip was very enriching and informative and the students who participated will now be to make more informed decisions about their upcoming choices.

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition Trial Day

EnOn Wednesday, our Year 9s had the opportunity to participate in a trial Duke of Edinburgh expedition in the Bustarviejo valley of the Sierra Norte.  The students completed a 13km route around the valley using the map skills that they had learnt in their PSHE classes.
The day was a huge success and all of the students completed all or almost all of the route.  We look forward to seeing the Year 9s continue their enthusiasm into Year 10 when they can start their Bronze Award.ter your news text here using the editor above to adjust formatting.

University talks at King's College

King’s College students meet many of Britain’s greatest universities


On Tuesday 16th of October, we were fortunate to be visited by some of the UK’s finest universities. Year 12 and 13 students had a lunchtime mini-university fair with representatives from Warwick, City (London), Lancaster, Sussex, East Anglia and Reading.


At 17.00 many students from Years 11, 12 and 13 came along with their parents to hear a joint presentation by Imperial College, University College London and King’s College London. The first two are in the World Top 10, and the third is in the World Top 30.


On October 18th, the whole of Year 12 attended the annual UK university event in central Madrid, where the aforementioned institutions were joined by many other famous names from among Britain’s elite centres of higher education.


The admissions officers have been uniformly complimentary about the quality of the questions King’s pupils and parents ask, as well as the kindness of the welcome they have received her.


Judo Black Belts

We are pleased to announce that two of our Year 13 pupils, Alejandro E y Àlvaro D, have obtained the Black Belt in Judo in the official examinations of the Royal Federation of Judo, which were held on 30 June.
Both pupils started this optional activity in the Official Judo School at King's College when they were in Reception class, and have worked through the years with determination and perseverance, key determinants in achieving such a coveted award.
I am sure that Alvaro's and Alejandro's successes will set an example for others to follow.
Tenemos el placer de comunicarles que nuestros alumnos de Year 13, Alejandro E y Álvaro D, han obtenido el Cinturón Negro de Judo en los exámenes oficiales de la Real Federación de Judo que se han celebrado el pasado 30 de Junio.
Ambos se iniciaron en esta actividad opcional en la Escuela Oficial de Judo de King’s College desde pequeños, cuando estaban en el curso de Reception, y desde entonces han trabajado duro y con perseverancia, lo que ha sido la clave del éxito que supone la obtención de tan preciado galardón.
Seguro que Alejandro y Álvaro serán ejemplo a seguir para el resto de alumnos del colegio.