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The Soto Weekly Issue 13

Welcome everyone to the 13th issue of our school newsletter! Christmas time is almost here, and we are wasting no time getting ready! Scroll to the Primary Section to see their christmas initiatives in collaboration with the Charity Committee! Another reason to celebrate? Our Year 11’s ahve finished their exams this week, and everything went as smooth as ever! 

The Soto Weekly Issue 12

This week has been full of excitement! World Toilet day was this Thursday, so we raised awareness about a special intiative called Toilet Twinning, scroll to Mr. Crouch’s page to find out more. Following the theme of privilege and pollution, listen to some of our 8I podcasts where they have covered a range of topics regarding ocean pollution and solutions. Scroll towards the end to read the debut of our young reporters page: The Soto Creative Crew!

The Soto Weekly Issue 11

Welcome everyone to this week’s issue of the Soto Weekly. This week we celebrated World Kindess Day, take a look inside to read some of our kind poems and see how Primary decided to celebrate this day. Remeberance day was also this week, scroll to the Secondary section to see the perfomance of our school band!

The Soto Weekly Issue 10

Welcome back everyone! This week covered all the range of emotions. Let yourself be transported by the Kings College Big Band’s rendition of “Tequila!”, and make sure to check out the amazing blooper as well! Be careful though, on the same page you will find the most horrifying Halloween Short Story. Read at your own risk! Also, make sure to read through out newest addition to the Soto Weekly: our Eco Page! 

The Soto Weekly Issue 9

Halloweek! It has been a truly spooky week at King’s College Soto. Students and staff shared an amazing day, dressed up in costumes, and took part in many fun activities including a haunted house! All of this would have never been possible without the support of our amazing staff and the incredible determination of the Charity Committee. Stay tuned next week to see the pictures! 

The Soto Weekly Issue 8

Welcome back everyone! It is officially spooky season, and we are already starting to celebrate here at Soto. Read through our newsletter to remind yourself of our core values as a school! Keep scrolling and you will see everything we have planned for next week’s Halloween celebration! 

The Soto Weekly Issue 7

It’s officially autumn, and our school newsletter is getting more and more content every week that goes by. This week, take a look at our amazing House Photography Winner entries. Our students and staff have taken the most creative pictures! Speaking of amazing accomplishments, last week we raised awareness upon the importane of mental health, especially in young minds. We also raised money together for the #HelloYellow movement. If you are curious about how much the grand total was, scroll to the first page! 


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