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New York University Abu Dhabi

  On Monday 18th of September, Year 11 and 12 students were treated by talks from Justin Van Dyke, outreach officer for New York University Abu Dhabi. NYUAD is the honours campus of one of the world’s finest universities, and offers extraordinary opportunities and financial support to all admitted students. Justin is an old friend…


English Department Workshops

On 12th May, Year 13 English literature students and their teachers, Mrs. Bradshaw (Head of English), Miss Dowlen and Mr. McNally, participated in an afternoon workshop on Shakespeare’s play, “Othello”, one of the A Level set texts for examination next month. The workshop was led by a professional British actor, Jonathan Mellor. As preparation for…


Ian Watson and Cristina Maciá: From “Artificial Intelligence” to “Game of Thrones” (by Mr McNally)

Ian Watson and Cristina Macía: From “Artificial Intelligence” to “Game of Thrones” Ian Watson, Britain’s most acclaimed science-fiction novelist – the “natural successor to H.G. Wells” – and Cristina Macía, one of Spain’s leading literary translators, gave two fascinating presentations to students from Years 9 to 12 on May 19th. Several generations of King’s students…