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Teatro en Español (Year 10 & Year 11)

Pedro Wins Tennis Doubles Competition

Pedro Ródenas, Year 9, has won the Doubles Competition of the International Yellow Bowl Tournament in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria!
Well done Pedro, we are all very proud!

Cross Curricular Week: Yoga Initiation Activity in Parque Juan Carlos I

On October 24th and 25th, in Madrid’s Parque Juan Carlos, the Lengua Española Department participated in a Yoga trip with some Year 8 and Year 9 students. Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that millions of people now participate in. Yoga helps relax the mind and body, and can include many stretches and movements, as well as breathing and meditation exercises, which are thought to help the whole body, inside and out. For many students, yoga was a first, and we therefore had some trouble doing certain, more difficult poses; however we still had lots of fun attempting to do them correctly. We did a whole range of different exercises, from balancing to massages. After the yoga session, students were free to eat lunch and wander around the park, and towards the end of the trip we ended up playing different games together, like volleyball, frisbee and dodgeball. The trip was a lot of fun, and if it is an option next year I am sure many pupils would sign up.

by Samantha Dodson 9N.





Tres Cantos Park - Year 7 Geography Trip

On Monday and Tuesday Year 7 walked to Tres Cantos Park to complete a day orienteering and using their wonderful 6 figure grid references that they have learnt in class in Geography. They worked so well in groups to help each other read the maps and to really look at the places that were around them to see places in a different way. They also had to find the correct places to go in the park which proved easier for some groups. The second activity the groups had to go to specific locations and find a stamp. Again some groups did really well and managed to get 8/10 stamps. It was great to see the students working in a team together and helping when not sure how to find particular grid references. 
A wonderful day for all and we were very lucky with the weather to have a beautiful day and no rain!
by Miss Wood, Head of Geography and Global Perspectives.

African Drumming (Year 9)

African drumming specialist Ayo Nelson spent a day with Year 9 and GCSE Music on Thursday. Ensemble playing and lots of noise - what a brilliant day!

Creating a Gothic Theme Park - Year 8 - English Department

Halloween has come early in Year 8 English, where students have spent this Cross Curricular Week creating their own Gothic theme parks. Descriptive language and vivid images have been put to imaginative use in order to present an array of rusty rollercoasters, haunted hotels, diabolical dinners, and stomach-churningly awful attractions that would startle even Count Dracula himself. Students have enjoyed working together with peers from other forms and different English teachers, learning new skills in Google Slides on their Chromebooks, and taking on different roles within a team, as well as letting their - often gruesome and ghostly - imaginations run free!
Here is some of the high quality creative work produced by students in 8G. Read it, if you dare...

Adventure Books (Year 7)

As part of the focus on wellbeing in Cross Curricular Week, the secondary English teachers have been encouraging Year 7 students to think about their ambitions and dreams for the future and the key things we need to have a happy, satisfying life "adventure". Students have enjoyed building their personal Adventure Books, inspired by the film "Up!" They have also been able to draw on what they've learned in their English lessons this term on autobiographies.
Here are some photographs of 7K, hard at work thinking about how to choose words, colour and images to express their stories.

Meteorites (Ben Davis)

This week, students from Year 11 and from Year 8 have been investigating the existence of space matter on the school site. We have learnt that smaller pieces of material from space can fall through the atmosphere at a slow enough speed to melt, but survive the heating process, and therefore make it all the way the ground as microscopic particles called micrometeorites. Students have worked to scour the grounds in search of these space rocks with a choice of methods, and have examined them in class under the microscope. All groups were able to find an impressive amount of these mysterious looking shiny metallic orbs in the the daily dirt and dust off the school site. We have a great collection of photos of their work! 

We later explored the likelihood of asteroids, namely the Apophis asteroid, striking the Earth and causing catastrophic events. Students have worked hard all week to contribute to a joint project exploring the history and potential future of this ominous asteroid. We await the 13th of April 2029 anxiously!


Year 7 Enterprise Challenge

"Amazing dedication, initiative and independence shown by all Y7 on the Enterprise Challenge this week. Well done to all! And congratulations to the winning teams!"

Year 8 & 9 Trip to Parque Europa

MFL Department is going to Parque Europa with KS3  students . We are going a prepare a gymkhana about different countries and cultures around the park. The park shows the most important monuments of  Europe. Students will have to investigate about them reading the information located in front of every monument and they can  do it in Spanish/ French/ German or English depending on the language of the country's monument.

Year 12's day at IE University of Segovia

During Cross-Curricular Week, Year 12s spent a highly rewarding "taster" day on the spectacular former monastery campus of IE University in Segovia. The Year 12 students and accompanying staff - Mr Parkinson, Mr Cox, Mr Blake, Ms Esteve, Mr Warton and Mr McNally - were welcomed by Professor Miguel Costa, the university's Exective Director, and attended workshops on Communications and Business Management run by distinguished IE lecturers from around the world, and which required them to tackle contemporary challenges in creative teams. 
There were also guided tours of the the state-of-the-art facilities by IE student ambassadors, some of whom are King's College alumni: Vicky, Misha and Pati. The day was concluded by a lovely buffet networking lunch with IE staff and students joining the King's pupils and teachers in attendance. 
IE University is rated in the World Top 25 for employability by the "Times Higher Educational Supplement". Our thanks, too, to Victoria Gimeno and Manuela Fusco from IE University who made this most enjoyable day possible.
by Mr McNally.

Football Visit from UK Schools

Last week we welcomed two British schools, Repton and St. Bedes, to play five football fixtures during their tours of Madrid. All five games were tight with King’s winning three.

Well done to everyone involved for showing great sportsmanship!

Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh practise walk to Bustarviejo

On Tuesday all of Year 9 went on a training walk up to Bustarviejo valley. The walk/trek was to introduce the students to the Duke of Edinburgh award that they can first sign up for in Yr10. The walk was designed to encourage leadership, independence and team building skills. Students were given directions and maps and took turns to lead individual groups around the planned route. They enjoyed the physical activity of walking and being challenged outside of their normal environment. The DofE is a very positive means of developing independence which can transfer into their school academic studies. Each group of 18 students had two teachers to oversee the actions and roles of each group.

Jack the Ripper Investigation (Year 7)

This morning we left behind the Spanish sunshine and we were transported to dark and drizzly Whitechapel in East London in the 1880s. To begin with, we gathered in the Auditorium where witnessed the frightening murder of a woman, and after this we were split into 4 groups of investigators. We traveled with our Chief Inspectors from crime scene to crime scene gathering information about 5 other gruesome murders, all carried out by the terrifying serial killer, Jack the Ripper. We discovered gory details about how the victims had been killed, the witnesses, the police officers and doctors and of course, the unidentified murderer. After break time we shared our own theories and explored the different reasons why Jack the Ripper was never caught. It was a huge relief to return to sunshine and King's after that!

Sixth Form Sports Day

Team work, wellbeing, and the will to win have been on display today at Sixth Form Sports' Day. This fun event was arranged by the Year 13 team of Messrs. Cox and McNally as a fun conclusion to Cross Curricular Week. After their public speaking, independent research and higher education preparation activities on the previous days, students in Years 12 and 13 enjoyed the opportunity to get outdoors and try their hand at traditional British games including the three-legged and egg and spoon races.
Here are some photographs of the relay races, coached by Mr. McNally and Mr. Cox.

New York University Abu Dhabi

  On Monday 18th of September, Year 11 and 12 students were treated by talks from Justin Van Dyke, outreach officer for New York University Abu Dhabi. NYUAD is the honours campus of one of the world’s finest universities, and offers extraordinary opportunities and financial support to all admitted students. Justin is an old friend…


English Department Workshops

On 12th May, Year 13 English literature students and their teachers, Mrs. Bradshaw (Head of English), Miss Dowlen and Mr. McNally, participated in an afternoon workshop on Shakespeare’s play, “Othello”, one of the A Level set texts for examination next month. The workshop was led by a professional British actor, Jonathan Mellor. As preparation for…


Ian Watson and Cristina Maciá: From “Artificial Intelligence” to “Game of Thrones” (by Mr McNally)

Ian Watson and Cristina Macía: From “Artificial Intelligence” to “Game of Thrones” Ian Watson, Britain’s most acclaimed science-fiction novelist – the “natural successor to H.G. Wells” – and Cristina Macía, one of Spain’s leading literary translators, gave two fascinating presentations to students from Years 9 to 12 on May 19th. Several generations of King’s students…